What part does Remembrance play for you this Memorial Day weekend? Since I’ve gotten older, I

ave maria chapelspend more time recalling my father and mother, my grandparents, my children’s childhoods, and other special people in my life.

Over age 70 as I am, memories become more special. One of my joys is sharing both Judy’s and my reflections. As our 50th wedding anniversary draws closer (48 and counting), we have all manner of events and relationships to draw on.  I often looked back even as a young man.  Probably many people do, although I have known some people who have no memories of their childhoods.  This seems sad to me.

Spiritual high lights from early life to present are only a portion of memory.

I know I have only a limited time left on this mortal coil.  This helps to concentrate the mind.  It is now easy to compare and contrast the trips and camping, vacations, and other such events with the more eternal truths of life.  Marking a grave with flowers this weekend is one way to combine the past and the present, with an eye on the future.  All too few are the times we devote to connecting past, present and future.  Don’t restrict your time of tying together past, present, and future to only odd moments. After all. eternity is a very long time.

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The blog of a retired Anglican priest (MSJ), his musings, journey, humor, wonderment, and comments on today's scene.
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  1. Salome Ellen says:

    You do realize that your picture shows the place where Miriel graduated two weeks ago, right? Even thought that’s a part of our lives that DOESN’T overlap, it’s one of the many things that gives me hope that our remembrances will last into the better life ahead. A joyous Memorial Day from Roger and me (almost 28 years!)

  2. Love the look of that place. It seems to embody the past, the now, and point to the future. We overlap more than you think. We keep track of your kids too. Even the trip to Duluth. Know that route since I’ve driven it.

  3. Judy Kirkpatrick says:

    Right on,brother!

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