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Most of our life is spent “between times”.  “Between times” refers to our lives between great highs and/or great lows.  One example:  the apostles were told as they watched Jesus begin His ascension (a low point) to wait for the coming of the Holy Spirit.  This arrival would be the next great high.  But what would it be exactly? The time waiting for it is a between time.  How would you have handled it if you were an apostle?  If it happened to us today, I probably would get little work done waiting to be empowered.  I’d most likely sit with my fellow apostles and friends at McDonalds drinking coffee while discussing what Jesus meant.    

“Between times” fill our lives: college students working toward graduation and work in the real world, or waiting for the birth of a child.  Every event which will greatly change or alter our lives qualifies.  Enlisting in the military, an auto accident, a sudden illness onset or accident, a divorce decree, marriage, an inheritance.  All are high/low points.  It is common to become bored or impatient doing ordinary things waiting for the next great event.  

Often, with little novelty in daily life, this is when we can cause great harm.  Infidelity, selfish acts, greed, and other powerful sins attract us.  We can not survive on only high points.  The substance of  life is daily life:  a job, changing diapers, cleaning up, eating supper, loving, relaxing. Can’t live fully without such as these.  These activities, living our lives, provide the tapestries on which are painted our low and high points.

Spiritual highs and lows have the same ability for change. Often we look forward to some great revelation, epiphany, momentous happening.  O. K.,  but make sure you continue with the nuts and bolts of living.  Christian life revolves around daily patterns.  The daily patterns are shaped by great events, but living daily life still has the same nuts and bolts.  We see meaning in our lives through the lens of great moments.  However, you can’t raise a family by only looking ahead.  Children, for example, need constant attention in the now to survive.  Adults, like children, need attention and also to appreciate our  “between times”. It  can be a most satisfying time.

Part One:  Daily Life    Next –  Part Two:  Spiritual Life

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The blog of a retired Anglican priest (MSJ), his musings, journey, humor, wonderment, and comments on today's scene.
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