When times are really tough

Feeling alone and stressed?       Heavy going?         Storm all around?                                                                   


What do you do with your “between times” after a spiritual or event low?  What about one low followed by a second low.  Most of us have patterns we use to cope.  Might not be easy, but we generally soldier on.  But a second low after the first? This is crunch time. 

An adage is a saying which contains truth and is well used. One example: a lawyer who has himself as a client is a fool.  The same observtion is true for the Christian who depends only upon himself. How you cope with your low is still valid (if it has worked before). You may need a different approach if your circumstances become radically different. Either way, however you cope benefits from regular examination. Don’t became lazy or stuck in yourself. If your coping seems less effective now, examine how well you do it.  Some aids for self examination are adages and platitudes. 

Adages and platitudes readily come to mind. Dictionaries explain platitudes as being overused and common, or that they are stale and trite. In order to be a platitude, a saying must have some truth or moral at its root, and is a close relative to an adage. Their truths are why they spring to mind. Actually, many come from tenets of faith and love. For example, “he’s in a better place” spoken  at a time of death. For the christian, this is true, even if it may not banish the sense of loss at that moment. “It’s not fair!” is another.  It has always been true that life is not fair.  Inequities will always exist with sinful men.  So, why discuss adages and platitudes?

One reason to bring them up is because they can point us toward effective action regarding low points. The main point to understand is that our life right now, between times, remains essentially what it was before the low. It is still the same tapestry after the low. It is still our tapestry on which we embroider our highs and lows. The tapestry remains the record of our life . A reality change with a high we appreciate. With a low, we don’t like the reality change. So? It is what comes next in our life which counts.  As Christians, that future is welded to our Father through Jesus, powered by the Holy Spirit. Make sure, however you cope, that this basic truth remains what powers your coping.

About Fr. Orthohippo

The blog of a retired Anglican priest (MSJ), his musings, journey, humor, wonderment, and comments on today's scene.
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