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There are many church bodies and bishops who are not particularly concerned with apostolic succession. Generally they leave such concerns to those who do require it, but it is not a defining detail in their own ministry. I grew up … Continue reading

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There are a variety of ways to consider what is a bishop. Churches from Rome and major Orthodoxy to tiny Protestant groups, as well as independent bishops aligned with just one small house church may carry the title bishop. Today, … Continue reading

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Episcopi vagantes

These two photos are of  liturgical church bishops from recognized church bodies.  No one questions that they are bishops by the standards of their church bodies. Sometimes we run into a bishop who seems different.  Episcopi vagantes are bishops, but … Continue reading

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Lots of tension when anyone gets into a discussion about what behaviors and commitment are normative with Christians. The description below portrays a very common approach to Christianity.  Often written and preached about, the person described here probably sits close … Continue reading

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Gidget the Chihuahua has left us

Sad news.  Gidget the Chihuahua has  left us. Fr. Orthohippo joins Fr. Orthoduck and wishes to communicate the sad news that Gidget the Chihuahua, star of several Taco Bell commercials in the 1990’s has left us at the age of … Continue reading

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What is the main problem in our culture today? Most of the time scholarly answers are impersonal. A mother of three young children offers her insights  into this question. She does not shy away from her own shortcomings. Which brand … Continue reading

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Musical Instruments in Worship?

Several Protestant denominations and most orthodox do not use musical instruments in sabbath services. Have you ever wondered why they would elect the not use them?  Fr. Ernesto gives an explanation in a series about musical instruments in worship. Here … Continue reading

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