Anglican Church in North America responds to Vatican


The Archbishop of the Anglican Church in North America has responded to Rome’s announcement. This will raise some definite challenges within the ACNA as both sides explore its meaning.

Below is an exchange between Fr. Orthohippo (Anglican) and Fr. Ernesto (Orthodox) after reading the Archbishop’s response.

Fr. Orthohippo          “Some ACNA groups will have more difficulties than just those problems to which ArchBishop Duncan alluded. Several sizable ACNA groups, as well as some African Anglican bishops, for instance, allow or encourage women’s ordination. Check to see if ArchBishop Duncan reverts to episcopal doublespeak at which so much of Anglicanism is adept.”


orthodoxFr. Ernesto Obregon says:

20 October 2009 at 20:48

The interesting point is that he states that they will bless those who choose to go to the Roman Catholic Church. Since, as you pointed out, those will be the ones against women’s ordination, I suspect that there is already episcopal doublespeak at work. By blessing them on their way–and don’t let the door hit you on the way out–they quietly and without dispute or dissension transfer out those who may cause increasing problems in the future.

If Fr. Ernesto’s analysis is accurate, would this then place the remaining ACNA among main line U.S.A. churches?  And what happens to Evangelical and main line Protestant churches in the face of Anglican-Rome-Orthodoxy fraternity?


October 20, 2009

We rejoice that the Holy See has opened this doorway, which represents another step in the growing cooperation and relationship between our Churches. This significant decision represents a recognition of the integrity of the Anglican tradition within the broader Christian church.

While we believe that this provision will not be utilized by the great majority of the Anglican Church in North America’s bishops, priests, dioceses and congregations, we will surely bless those who are drawn to participate in this momentous offer.

We concurrently thank God for the partnership that orthodox Anglicans have long enjoyed with the Roman Catholic Church, and are profoundly grateful for the many acts of kindness shown on local, diocesan and national levels, as they have stood with us in our time of trial.

While our historic differences over church governance, dogmas regarding the Blessed Virgin Mary and the nature of Holy Orders continue to be points of prayerful dialogue, we look forward to an ever deepening partnership with the Catholic Church throughout the world. We pledge our earnest prayers for all those touched by this initiative, as we look forward to the publication of the Apostolic Constitution detailing today’s announcement.

The Most Rev. Robert Wm. Duncan

Archbishop and Primate, Anglican Church in North America


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The blog of a retired Anglican priest (MSJ), his musings, journey, humor, wonderment, and comments on today's scene.
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