Have you ever wondered how Jesus, fully human yet fully God, could have been so compassionate? I confess that I have had the same thoughts he writes about below. It continues to be humbling to realize there is nothing new under the sun, except the Advent of Jesus Christ  into the world.

An Advent thought from Dr. Platypus.

(He even has a post explaining how he became one of the animal named bloggers)

We talk about the Ten Commandments, and when we do I always think about how God asked this young Jewish girl to put herself in the position of being censured and shunned, at the least, and even stoned to death because of the perception that she was breaking the law.

What was God up to, seemingly breaking his own rules to accomplish something so grand?

What was he doing, asking this young girl to put herself in the position of appearing to be scandalized by breaking the laws of her people?

Later, Jesus scandalized the religious culture of his day and turned the values of his day upside down, eating with prostitutes, touching the unclean, lifting up the downtroddent and making friends with women.  He befriended  the lowly, the outcast, the littlest and the least, and whenever the woman caught in adultery was brought to him, he dealt with her with unusual sensitivity, compassion and forgiveness.  I’ve wondered if Jesus’ compassion was born out of a memory of hearing stories of his mother’s plight.

via Dr. Platypus.

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