Just another rating scale to play with. Maybe you will find some of these reflect your church.

Signs You’ve Gone To a Bad Church

10. Name of the church includes a muppet or professional wrestler.

9. Service involves a lot of squatting.

8. Minister always preaching about the glory of Amway products.

7. Priest not only defrocked but depantsed.

6. Guy from “America’s Funniest Home Videos” is hanging around the confessional.

5. Photographer wanders around trying to sell people $5 Polaroid of themselves praying.

4. So-called “faith healer” is just Doug Henning in a dress.

3. Priest closes sermon with, “You guys have been great! Enjoy Frankie Valli.”

2. Pews have magic fingers.

1. Only song organist knows is theme from “Bonanza”.

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The blog of a retired Anglican priest (MSJ), his musings, journey, humor, wonderment, and comments on today's scene.
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