I happened on this blog after he visited mine, and it got my attention.  It spurred my thoughts to examine the three words of the blog title, spin, strangeness, and charm.  Particle physics has been a minor interest for me since college, and his use of these terms grabbed me. His blog is quite varied, and not at all for particle physicists. Below are two excerpts. Pay him a visit, and see if it reaches you, too.

Spin“, “strangeness“, and “charm” are three quantum numbers of elementary particles.

Yet this is not a particle physics blog, even though you may expect science & technology posts here.

“Spin” also refers to media spin, political spin, media bias. Much of the coverage here will be on current affairs.

“Strangeness” is also what we see around us in these troubled times.

And “Charm” is also something that, at times, makes life worth living. Expect some coverage of psychology (from a rational perspective), of music, of poetry, and even some spirituality. (For at least one of us, the lines between these can be quite blurry.)

Twin mottos of this blog:

“Once you can sincerely say: ‘I don’t know’ then it becomes possible to get at the truth.” (Robert A. Heinlein, “The cat who walks through walls”.)

“Dear G-d: lead me in the company of those who seek truth and spare me from those who have found it.” (attributed to André Gide)\

(another blog intro-)Hard to believe, isn’t it? You get trashed on a daily basis, demonized by the socialists, the media and union goons, and there’s actual surprise when you don’t line up like lemmings to pony up cash for the people who hate you and want to ruin you. But look at the bright side, Democrats. You still have empty heads like Sarah Jessica Parker on your side.

About Fr. Orthohippo

The blog of a retired Anglican priest (MSJ), his musings, journey, humor, wonderment, and comments on today's scene.
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