Statement from Anglican Mainstream following the consecration of Mary Glasspool as Suffragan Bishop of Los Angeles, USA

The Episcopal Church (TEC) has indeed chosen a lonely path not walked by most Anglicans. Below is the Anglican mainstream response to the consecration of an openly gay lesbian bishop. It is a response held by the great majority of Anglicans such as the Anglicans of St. John the Apostle Anglican Church in the picture at left.

Their analysis is quite accurate, I believe.

In her letter to the Primates, the Presiding Bishop of The Episcopal Church (TEC) Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori, confirmed that the consecration of the openly gay Mary Glasspool is not a random event but comes from the settled mind of her church.  Sadly, this shows that TEC has now explicitly decided to walk apart from most of the rest of the Communion.Mary Glasspool (right) is ordained. (Photo: Janet Kawamoto/Episcopalian News Service)

Since that decision by TEC has to be respected, it should result in three consequences. First, TEC withdrawing, or being excluded from the Anglican Communion’s representative bodies.    Second, a way must be found to enable those orthodox Anglicans who remain within TEC to continue in fellowship with the Churches of the worldwide Communion. Third, the Anglican Church of North America (ACNA) should now be recognized an authentic Anglican Church within the Communion.

Dr Philip Giddings, Convenor,

Canon Dr Chris Sugden Executive Secretary, Anglican Mainstream

The Daily Telegraph reported on May 15

Earlier this week evangelical groups in the Church of Ireland said in a statement: “The elevation to senior church leadership of a person whose lifestyle is contrary to the will of God revealed in Scripture is both wrong and disappointing.”

They said the “provocative step” shows a “deliberate disregard” for rest of the Anglican Communion and constitutes a “clear rejection” of calls for restraint made by official bodies in recent years.

A communiqué issued by the Global South – Anglican provinces in the developing world – has called on the Episcopal Church to express “genuine repentance” for its “defiance” in the consecration.


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