I have a confession to make. This cartoon accurately depicts me.  And this is over 6 months since my heart attack.  Having a heart attack can definitely focus one’s mind.  It did mine. Since then I have lost 30 pounds. I  began (and still follow) an exercize program.  Granted, it is aquatics for arthritis, but this is an hour of moving in the pool.  Judy talked me into going to it with her. It really helps with the arthritis, my stamina, and balance.  I also have an entire wardrobe I haven’t worn in some years. It was waiting for me in my closet. Who knew? I really did not believe it was possible.

Of course, the real proof will come as I lose more, stop jiggling (re cartoon), and continue to be faithful to my new “life style”. Lord willing, I will report at some future date on this progress.

One note to those who need a similar change.  Vegetarian choices are really tasty.  I actually like them, and look forward to eating them. I sometimes miss beef no more than 3 times a week, and rail against only 3 eggs a week. I don’t miss salt at all, and have ceased drinking coffee and tea as a matter of choice.

All these benefits, and yet I still can relate to the cartoon.  This proves I am still very human, probably like you.     Fr. Orthohippo


About Fr. Orthohippo

The blog of a retired Anglican priest (MSJ), his musings, journey, humor, wonderment, and comments on today's scene.
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  1. Jo says:

    I’m very proud of your nre “lifestyle change.” Keep it up!

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