We have a reaction sent to the British timesonline about the visit of TEC’sPresiding Bishop Katherine Jefferts visit to England’s Southwark cathedral recently. No other comment is necessary beyond this statement.

Fr. Orthohippo

Sir, We wish to express our concern over the Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church (USA), Katherine Jefferts Schori, preaching and presiding at Holy Communion in our cathedral at Southwark tomorrow.

Bishop Schori is well known for her doctrinal statements and practice that are contrary to the teaching of the Bible. She is also well known for initiating many litigations against orthodox congregations within the Episcopal Church and defrocking doctrinally orthodox bishops and clergy, so exacerbating disunity in the Anglican communion. Only recently she defied the instruments of the Anglican communion by reneging on the agreement made by the Episcopal Church to abide by the moratorium regarding the consecration of actively gay and lesbian bishops.

We, the undersigned clergy of Southwark diocese, distance ourselves from Bishop Schori’s teaching and presiding in our cathedral. We seriously question the judgment of those who have not withdrawn their invitation to her after her recent consecration of Mary Glasspool.

Father Francis Gardom
St Stephens, Lewisham

The Rev Stephen Kuhrt
Christ Church, New Malden

The Rev Ray Skinner
St Lawrence, Morden

The Rev Sandy Christie
St Michaels, Blackheath

The Rev Christopher (CJ) Davis
St Nicholas, Tooting

The Rev Ian Gilmour
Holy Redeemer, Streatham Vale

The Rev John Goddard
Morden parish

The Rev Martin Hislop
St Lukes, Kingston-on-Thames

The Rev David Larlee
St Marks, Battersea Rise

The Rev James Paice
St Luke’s Wimbledon Park

The Rev Paul Perkin
St Marks, Battersea Rise

The Rev Dan McGowan
St Martins, Morden

The Rev Precious Omuku
Morden parish

The Rev Les Wells
Morden parish

The Rev Bill Wilson
St Stephen’s, South Lambeth

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  1. Sexuality is utterly trivial compared to how she denies the resurrection and the divinity of Christ. We are bringing another gospel into the church. LGBT people don’t need a gospel that’s different from The Gospel, and a gospel without Christ is no good news at all. A great shame that we are treating our parishoners to this, and especially LGBT people who are especially likely to be tempted by the whole package, which includes denying Christ. This is not how one should “include” LGBT people and it is an insult to their dignity, their faith, and their spirituality.

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  3. Beulah says:

    Rev Ray Skinner. If you can read this, please contact me on this number. +91 8698434582. If you were the one in Oman muscat? Yes I attended your church there. It’s my earnest request to please contact me. My fb name search is Beaulah Bhakre

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