The Most Reverend David Bell recently commented on an early blog of mine, Episcopi Vagentes posted July 26, 2009. Here is his comment, a brief comment on Cardinal ArchBishop Bell, and a recent message from ICAB about their current positions.

There are a variety of independent Catholic Churches in the world, and ICAB is one of them. As is true with every church group, they have their own set of concerns and problems.

Frederick Fick, my Bishop, was among those consecrated by then Patriarch Dom Mendes. The Anglican Missionary Society of St. John the Evangelist has no formal ties with ICAB.

His comment:

“Patriarch Dom Luis Ferando Castillo Mendez episcopal orders are valid. there is later up to dat examples of bishops returning to churches in communio with Rome with this line. Lets not forget that Dom Carlos Duarte costa resigned to the holy See namely to Pope Pius XI in 1937, He was appointed as Titular Bishop of Maura. He even was allowed to continue to act as a Co Consecrator in episcopal consecrations in 1940 some 3 years after his resignation from Rome was accepted.

Is the Brazilian Church Schismatic ! Was Dom Carlos Duarte Costa Excommunicated in 1945 if so by what authority and by whos authority, bearing in mind the Excommunication decree did not come in to force for automatic excommuncation until 1951! all of these answers are on
Bishops with the Duarte Costa line have returned to Rome or churches in communion with Rome since 2009.”


Honoris Causa ‘Professor of Law’


The Patriarch of the Church in Brazil and the Roman Catholic Pre Vatican II ICAB-UK-United Kingdom was established by the fourth Bishop consecrated by St. Charles of Brazil ‘Carlos Duarte Costa’, he received directly a pure Roman Catholic Apostolic Succession much of his life was with the founder of the Church and did its best at a certain point of time, in fulfilling the mission to consecrate the followers of the Apostolic College left by Jesus in different countries, taking with them the principles of the national Churches.(Photo left above is Patriarch Castillo Mendez & Cardinal-Archbishop Bell co celebrating MassImage at the Patriarchal Cathedral in Brasilia. Brazil. .

For in recognition of this that, assembled in council, the diocesan and primates of several countries that joined the national faith elected Bishop Luis Fernando Castillo Mendez as Patriarch and that he displayed the title with great care and was able to honour such until death. Patriarch Dom Luis Fernando Castillo Mendez we can say that in life he was a true and complete divider eras fact that there is a church before him, and another, quite different, more expanded and reinforced, after successive administrations . In short, Patriarch Dom Luis Fernando Castillo Mendez has always been a genuine and strong warrior we will remember is him as a strong fighting figure for the true catholic faith. Hours before His Beatitude; Patriarch Mendez had a severe heart attack and was rushed in to hospital in Brasilia, Brazil he reconfirmed to Cardinal-Archbishop David Bell who he appointed as Secretary for Doctrine and Faith of the Brazilian Patriarchate and elevated him. All documents was signed and sealed by ImageHis Beatitude; Patriarchate Luis Fernando Castillo Mendez as Patriarch of ICAB and ICAB-UK, co signed by Bishop Josivaldo  Pereira de Oliveria as Chancellor of ICAB. Notary’s Office in Brasilia. Federal Bureau of Vital Statics of the Brazilian Government and the British Embassy in Brasilia, Brazil.

His Beatitude gave the positions and titles to Cardinal-Archbishop David Bell, who acted as the advisor on important matters and for leading the Brazilian Patriarchate & ICAB-UK; for which the Patriarchate saw was the true rite of the Catholic Church used by the blessed Apostles. His Beatitude prayed the Rosary several times a day; he never married. On the 23rd October 2009 His Beatitude appointed Archbishop David Bell as Titular Patriarch in a signed and sealed decree. His Beatitudes life was simply the Catholic Church. Archbishop David Bell and Archbishop Carroll. Bishop Brian and the family of Bishop Lucas on the eve of the 26th October 2009 was with His Beatitude.

ImageA few hours before he suffered a heart attack; he was rushed in to hospital never to regain consciousness. He died in hospital on the 29th October 2009 at 9.00am.

Cardinal-Archbishop David Bell who was appointed as Titular Patriarch on the 23 October 2009 by His Beatitude; Patriarch Castillo Mendez adminstered the whole of ICAB UK was in mourning. ICAB UK by election of some 43 bishops elected upon wish by the late 1st Patriarch, Patriarch Dom. Castillo Mendez of ICAB UK as Cardinal- Archbishop David Bell from Titular Patriarch to Patriarch of ICAB UK,’ United Kingdom & Commonwealth’. Archbishop David Bell is the 2nd Patriarch to lead ICAB UK.

His Niece Yvette Castillo Carrasquel attended the funeral of her late uncle “Patriarch Mendez” and read the follow statement on behalf of ICAB UK which holds autonomy from ICAB by consent / decree from His Beatitude; Patriarch Dom. Mendez.

However; We are very sad to announce that prior to our departure; we was informed by His Beatitude; Patriarch Mendez who was 87 years old that the new regime that is the President of ICAB had telephoned him to say that if he that is the Patriarch makes any decrees then he will cease paying as a church for his important medication.

This is very unchristian in our way of new regime “President” gets his own way by such unchristian evil acts. This conversation was witnessed by the delegation of bishops from the United Kingdom it was also stated during minutes of a meeting held in Rio de Janerio which will be displayed as a PDF on this website soon; we leave it to the members of the christian community to make up their own mind.

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