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I will be out of touch for the rest of the week attending a clergy gathering in Kentucky of my order. Hopefully, next week I will post the first of a series on evil. What makes a church group evil? … Continue reading

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Fr. Ernesto has chosen to describe below an oft asked question; WHEN WERE YOU SAVED? Most Evangelicals or fundamentalist christians expect a specific date.  Most other christians are often stumped since they have grown up knowing the Lord.  This description … Continue reading

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Sorry to report that my computer is having serious problems with the logic board, ram, and other components.  It is very unreliable.  I will not be posting for the indefinite future. I will be back as soon as I can … Continue reading

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Below is the beginning of a post by GeoChristian which you can access from my blog roll.  He has written a thoughtful insight into Conservation Biology from a Christian point of view. I highly recommend you read the rest of … Continue reading

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This old saw has come in several versions.  All of them are humorous. Just a light note for a Monday.  It is even interdenominational in so far as it was brought to my attention by one of my own Anglican … Continue reading

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We now have Orthodox statistics for the U. S. A. which are the most up to date and accurate I have seen. Alexei Krindatch has composed the table below (taken from his report), and at least 5 other breakdown tables which … Continue reading

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Several things struck me as I viewed this post on Khanya (see blog roll). The first was how the world used to be (South Africa) Many years ago the scene below would have been highly unlikely. The second thing is how much … Continue reading

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Sometimes it is all in your perspective. What price your church attendance? Fr. Orthohippo Thanks to Jeffrey Johnston INNOCENCE IS PRICELESS One Sunday morning, the pastor noticed little Alex standing in the foyer of the church staring up at a large … Continue reading

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Bishop closes all 4 churches in Streator, Illinois

Times are indeed difficult at times for church members who see their parishes abruptly closed.  Bishop Jenky of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Peoria, Illinois directed those parish members to attend a new parish instead.  Here is an example of … Continue reading

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