Fr. Ernesto has chosen to describe below an oft asked question; WHEN WERE YOU SAVED?

Most Evangelicals or fundamentalist christians expect a specific date.  Most other christians are often stumped since they have grown up knowing the Lord.  This description of a priest finally coming up with a suitable (to me) answer is worth reading.  You can read the article on his blog by clicking fr. Orthoduck on my blogroll. Thanks Fr. Ernesto.

My computer allowed me to post this, thankfully.

Fr. Orthohippo

One of the Orthodox priests in Birmingham, Alabama is one of the priests who was on one of the translation committees for the Orthodox Study Bible. He is erudite, can speak several languages, knows his New Testament, not only in English, but also in Greek, which he can speak, read, and write in both its koine and modern forms. He loves the Lord, and believes in godly outreach. He recently hosted a three local Orthodox parishes meeting on the subject of evangelism and outreach. In other words, this is the type of priest you want around.

However, this is the Deep South, and here all too many people are conditioned to asking not only are you saved, but when were you saved. This type of question assumes a certain type of theology that believes that unless you have had a crisis experience in your life that led you to “surrender” yourself to God, then there is the strong possibility that you do not know him. Not surprisingly, any denomination that believes in infant baptism and believes that you can grow over your whole life into the service of God is a very questionable denomination. This would include not only the Orthodox, but also the Presbyterians, the Lutherans, many of the Methodists (but not all), Roman Catholics, Episcopalians (Anglicans), etc.

And so, this wonderful man who knows his Scripture, has helped to translate one of the versions of the Bible, and recently led that evangelism and outreach meeting keeps getting asked the same two questions over and over. Are you saved? And, when were you saved? And the insistence in the Deep South is that if you cannot answer those two questions, then you are obviously not saved. This is regardless of the fact that this priest told us at the evangelism meeting that he tried to explain that the Orthodox believe that we were saved; we are being saved; and we shall be saved, and thus we cannot answer the question are you saved and when were you saved.

He told us at the meeting that finally, one day, in utter frustration, he finally answered one of the people and said. “Yes, I was saved 2,000 years ago on the Cross.”

I like his answer.

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2 Responses to WHEN WERE YOU SAVED?

  1. rosebel says:

    I am BEING saved every breath I choose to live for Christ and walk toward him

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