Nathan Dunlap was unexpectedly called forward with a scheduled Deacon candidate. Nathan had completed his work for the diaconate while the other candidate was beginning his.  Bishop Fick at the October MSJ fall clericus in Liberty, Kentucky, was moved to call Nathan forward from his seat in the congregation. The subsequent November announcement was a surprise. Nathan had not been able to make any missionary trip at the October clericus time, but God uses us when he needs us. God clears the way.

I was fortunate to stay with the Dunlaps during the clericus.  When Nathan was so honored, I experienced a deep wave of emotion for this recognition He was a man I had just met. It became a blessed experience. It was also somewhat puzzling that I should experience this recognition so strongly.  When the announcement of Nathan’s appointment came last weekend, I experienced a closing of the circle. Fr. Francis with whom he will travel, has been one of my dear friends in the MSJ, as has been his ministry.

Sometimes God gives those of us not directly involved in an event a special blessing.  I got such a gift. The Dunlap family is an example for a model, strong, loving, family, and a joy to share with. They all, father, mother, and six children are a testimony to Christian life. Nathan is probably not at all upset that all we can see of him in the photo is his back. He does not seek recognition. He seeks only to serve.

Fr. Orthohippo.

Nathan Dunlap, left in photo from the October 2010 MSJ Clericus at Liberty, KY.Office of Foreign Missions
Missionary Society of St John
Diocese of All Saints

Important Announcement Nov 11 2010

Bishop Fick is pleased to announce the appointment of Nathan Dunlap (age 44) as missionary teacher for the Office of Foreign Missions, Missionary Society of St John, Diocese of All Saints.  Nathan will accompany Fr Francis on his next and last teaching trip to the Diocese of Victoria Nyanza in Tanzania, in January, 2011.

Nathan has been a postulant at Christ the King Anglican in Liberty Kentucky for several years.  He has completed his postulancy and will be ordained as a deacon in spring of 2011.  Nathan is married to Julie for twenty years and they have six children.  Their daughter, Anna, has served as a missionary in Haiti.

Nathan earned a B.S. from prestigious Berea College in Kentucky and studied overseas mission work at the Ministers Training Institute in Baker, Louisiana.  He was valedictorian of his graduating class of 40 missionaries.  He has three times served in Russia , once with his wife Julie and two of their children, Anna and Ethan.  In Russia, Nathan served as an assistant pastor, leading several home Bible studies and serving as music minister, at churches in Rezhev and Nelidovo (about 200 miles NW of Moscow) for 13 months.

Nathan and Julie and family live in Casey County, Kentucky.  In 1999 they purchased fifteen acres of rural land and began to build.  They first built a small guest house where they lived until they completed the main house.   They have developed a little “farmette” with gardens, a milk cow, and some chickens, providing sustenance for their family and neighbors.  That “farmette” will connect with his future African students, most of who have little “shambas” i.e. little farms, to help provide their own  sustenance.  Nathan was also instrumental in designing and physically building the new church building for Christ the King Anglican in Liberty, Kentucky.

To the MSJ mission ministry in Africa, Nathan brings a formal education as a Christian missionary, a lifetime of plain and simple living,  his own experience in the mission field, and a calling from God to do this, along with the support of his family.  We ask your support in prayer and in financial help as he prepares for his first trip to Africa.  Preparing for work in Africa for the first time has a cost – passport, immunizations, clothes and equipment, and initial airline travel. Donations may be made out to Christ the King Anglican Church,  P O Box 213, Dunnville KY 42528;  please note “Africa” on the memo line.

Personal Note from Fr Francis.
For ten years, the ministry of OFM has been supported  by the brothers and sisters of the MSJ and its predecessor groups.  Asante sana – thank you so much.  Words are not sufficient to express my gratitude for those years of support.  Your support has combined with God’s support to leave a legacy of grace and education in East Africa.  Continue that legacy by transferring your prayers and support to Nathan Dunlap.  As you have given in the past, please transfer that giving to sending Nathan to Africa as listed in the paragraph above.

Office of Foreign Missions, 18401 Canal Rd, Clinton MI 48038
248-345-2651,  jambofrfrancis@yahoo.com, http://www.connectionkenya.wordpress.com

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