Episcopal 2.42% (4 votes)

Evangelical 16.36% (27 votes)

Other 2.42% (4 votes)

Total Votes: 165

The Orthodox lead the list, with Catholics in second.

Together they make up about 40%.  Anglicans and Evangelicals

are tied for third place. Mainline Protestants (including
Lutherans and Episcopals) are in fifth place.

A smattering of others fill out the visitor roster.
Thank you to all who visit.  If you have not
voted yet, please do.  Thank you again for visiting.


St. John the Apostle Anglican Church, Clinton TWP, MI 48039

Fr. Orthohippo here

I’m a retired Anglican (Missionary Society of St. John, Missionary Diocese of All Saints  –  Forward in Faith – North America) priest and often sit in a side pew. Sometimes I hear or see things which are noteworthy and/or interesting such as this Samaritan synagogue below. The header photo was taken by The River Avon in Stratford, Ontario, Canada. I pass them along and hope you enjoy them and will comment. I read all comments and put most of them on the blog. I really appreciate comments and any insights you may have.

Samaritan synagogue

samariaA present day Samaritan village. Yes, the samaritans of the Bible.

Samaritan synogogue on Mount Gerizim near Nablus, Israel

Circa 1978

Below: city on a hill – Israel

city on hill israel

About Fr. Orthohippo

The blog of a retired Anglican priest (MSJ), his musings, journey, humor, wonderment, and comments on today's scene.
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