Father Ernesto’s humorous avatar, Father Orthoduck, has offered an opportunity for some trivia questions.  Ossuaries are found in Coptic Christiany, Orthodox traditions, and also some Catholic traditions. They are almost absent in Anglican circles (climate conditions in England), and, so far as I know, absent in Protestant Christianity.

The first time I was in the presence of an Ossuary was at St. Catherine Monastery at Mt. Sinai in Egypt. It generated in me a very powerful awareness of my connection with my Christian predecessors who lived out their Christianity here in the desert. I will not give the answers to the trivia questions.

Fr. Orthohippo

Dem bones, dem bones, dem ossuary bones

March 14, 2011conditions | by Fr. Orthoduck | 0 Comments

As you know, one of Father Orthoduck’s favorite authors is Pithless Thoughts. So, the humorous photograph to the right certainly had Father Orthoduck laughing. But, this brings up the opportunity for me to ask some trivia questions.

What is an ossuary?

How old is the practice of using an ossuary in Judeo-Christian circles?

Are ossuaries still used?

Can you point to a Biblical phrase that assumes the use of an ossuary?

Finally, the 1,000 point question. Can you point to the Scripture which relates the tale that what was contained in an ossuary brought someone back to life?

via OrthoCuban.


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