Rome’s invitation to Anglicans (and possibly others) to organically join Roman Catholicism has been received with mixed emotion and intellectual discernment among Anglicans. Here is a peek into one group of Anglicans regarding this offer. It comes from the English Catholic, a blog in England which describes itself as offering a “different approach to English Christian Patrimony”. The Angelicanorum Coetibus Conference was held March 24-25, 2011, in Mississauga, TX. ArchBishop John Hepworth, pictured below with a group of nuns, leads the TAC (The Anglican Church) which is an international AngloCatholic group, and a primary participant in this conference.

Fr. Orthohippo,

Missionary Society of Jesus, MDAS


One of the Anglican priests who was present at the historic Anglicanorum coetibus conference in Mississauga has a report up on his blog.  Here’s an excerpt:

Using the image of the end of time and the fulfillment which is embodied in the Parousia, Fr. Nichols evoked and expanded upon the theme of healing at this historic gathering of Anglicans and Catholics from Canada, the UK, US and Australia.  Hosted by Archbishop Collins of Toronto, the meeting allowed time for reflection upon the unfolding process for the erection of North American ordinariates.

While acknowledging the many and various reasons for this call of God to Anglicans articulated by Pope Benedict XVI, Archbishop Collins emphasized that Anglicanorum Coetibus is a response to requests made to the Holy See over the past 40 years by groups of Anglicans desiring to be received into the full communion of the Catholic Church with essentials of their patrimony intact.  The groundbreaking Apostolic Constitution, Anglicanorum Coetibus, provides for just such a reception.  Aspects of the document were examined and the process laid out for individual reception of Anglicans within groups in Canada.

After careful instruction and examination of conscience, individuals will apply for reception as members of identifiable groups or parishes.  This process in Canada will continue in a material and programmatic way after May 31 when the initial number of groups and individuals has been determined. In the Fall, the first wave of groups will begin final preparation for reception.  Other groups and individuals will follow when they are ready.  It was emphasized that there is no “sell before date”, so the offer for entry into full communion will remain open indefinitely.

Peregrinus also has a poll so you can vote on whether you plan to join the Canadian Ordinariate.

via “Peregrinations” on the Anglicanorum coetibus conference | English Catholic.


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  1. “English Catholic, a blog in England…”

    I believe my server is in Finland and I live in France. Anyway, I am of English origin and I write in English.

    Fr Anthony

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