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Easter Cancelled in Syria

My computer gently went to its final reward.  there will be irregular posts until the problem is solved.  Oh, well. This item was ferreted out by Fr. smuts. fr. Orthohippo. Good Friday and other Easter processions and festivals have been … Continue reading

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The Ordinariate is Really Happening. Well, Sort of….

The first significant group of Anglicans have crossed the Tiber.  Their rule and relationship with the Catholic Church is very narrowly defined. It will, most likely, have a history similar to that of immigrant churches in America.  It will be … Continue reading

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Earth Day Sermons instead of Easter Message?

A followup to Earth Day – Good Friday post earlier this week.  It needs little comment from me. Attempts to co-opt the message of the Church are not new.  They have occurred throughout history.  Nothing truly new under the sun. … Continue reading

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Holy Week always generates reflection on Christ’s sacrifice leading Him to the cross and our salvation. His gift has generated a myriad of followers throughout the centuries. Among these Christians have been a number, still increasing today, who followed Jesus … Continue reading

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There is little that can be added to this story, especially near the beginning of Holy Week. Sometimes man’s choices yield hard unintended results. CBS News reports out of San Francisco: A man was hospitalized Wednesday evening with life-threatening, third-degree … Continue reading

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There is a mystery disease in 6 provinces in China: – HIV/AIDS are ruled out.  One thing about our planet is that new illnesses continually show up.  This illness is definitely not yet of apocalyptic dimensions. Since the apocalypse described … Continue reading

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I have a great respect for military Chaplains, and seriously considered it myself. I had relatives and friends who were chaplains.  It is not an easy ministry.  Now many chaplains are faced with a serious challenge to their ability to … Continue reading

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A South African traditional Anglican priest, Fr. Stephen Smuts, discovered this item from The Episcopal Church (TEC). It both shocks me and surprises me not. American Episcopalians (as well as a huge numbers of other Christians) are being led down … Continue reading

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This is a very clear and definite comment on a most divisive argument in present day America. It pits present day now conventional wisdom that life may be defined by current science/law understandings versus traditional Christian theological thought 2000 years … Continue reading

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Socialized Medicine Director Dies Waiting for Operation

This is a picture from our possible future. As I live on the Canadian border, we get more than usual amounts of heat and fire about health systems.  England is further down the road of socialized medicine than North American … Continue reading

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