There is a mystery disease in 6 provinces in China: – HIV/AIDS are ruled out.  One thing about our planet is that new illnesses continually show up.  This illness is definitely not yet of apocalyptic dimensions. Since the apocalypse described in The Book of Revelation is not yet, apparently, in full swing, it is out of line to announce this as such a sign.  Plagues come late in the descriptions of St. John. Men have tried throughout recorded Christian history to discern signs of The End Times.

So far, none have successfully pronounced the beginnings of the End Times. We are cautioned to be aware of events around us as we live out our faith. The Biblical  emphasis is that we we live out what God has placed before us, using such tools, skills, and ministries He has given us. Christians now have had 20 centuries practice in this way of living. Plenty of trials occured during this time, yet none were signs of The End Times.

By the way, this is not the only mystery illness to be found on earth today.  It is, however, the most publicized such illness.

Fr. Orthohippo

Health Department of Guangdong people suffering from abnormal response to: Unknown virus non-HIV

At 08:10 on March 25, 2011

Source: Justice Network

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Information Times (reporter Li Nannan) yesterday, media reports said a group of patients claiming to be dyed special “unknown virus”, suspected to be infected with HIV, but HIV has repeatedly tested negative identification, the current Ministry of Health in Beijing, Shanghai, Zhejiang , Hunan, Jiangsu, Guangdong Province into six epidemiological investigation. In this regard, as included in the survey provinces, the Guangdong Provincial Health Department and CDC confirmed the case yesterday, and after more than a dozen of the “patients” were detected, the current basic rule out HIV infection, infectious diseases are temporarily unable to determine , but does not rule out psychological factors are responsible.

The basic rule of contracting AIDS

According to reports, these claims infected with “unknown virus” who generally have the same symptoms such as sweating, numbness hands and feet with very similar symptoms of HIV infection, but after many checks are still HIV negative, clinical reports also show that they are “No obvious organic disease” for the disease cast a mysterious shadow. The views of experts and scholars have different views of the disease, most experts have ruled out the infected with AIDS or HIV virus mutates to say, do not rule out that caused by psychological factors. In this regard, the Ministry of Health Bureau of Disease Control and Prevention has read the relevant person in charge of the “patient representative” and said from Beijing, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Hunan, Jiangsu, Guangdong Province, began six epidemiological investigation, analysis of specific causes.

In this regard, an interview with reporters yesterday, the Guangdong provincial health department, the relevant department official told reporters that they have received the Ministry of Health last month notice has been provided by the Ministry of Health list of surveys and monitoring of patients, but can not grasp a specific direction. The official also said the disease from the analysis of these people also do not see is the result of infectious diseases, mental illness, but infection may also be the case, just like Foxconn jumped to the same incident, other people will by psychological suggestion, we now do not rule out a cardiac cause reactions.

Free monitoring of all patients

Reporter then interviewed the Guangdong Provincial Disease Prevention and Control of AIDS Prevention & Treatment responsible person, the experts said, mainly in Guangzhou in Guangdong and Shenzhen to monitor patients investigated, of which the list provided by the Ministry of Health of Guangdong total of 7 people, but the other Several patients have asked their application testing, they have organized a clinical experts, epidemiologists, psychological specialist consultation, etc., the only out of the test results showed that all patients are HIV negative, while the other results have yet to come further confirmation, it is reported, for all monitoring of these patients are free of charge. “We will, after consultation summary of the results to the Ministry of Health, and then re-confirmed by the unification ministry.” The expert said.

“Unknown virus” Details

Symptoms: general have the same symptoms as night sweats, numbness in hands and feet with HIV infection and other very similar symptoms, but after many checks are still HIV negative, clinical reports also show that they are “no obvious organic disease.”

Diagnosis: Most experts have ruled out the infected with AIDS or HIV virus mutates to say, do not rule out that caused by psychological factors.

Number: Guangdong total of 7 people, but there are several other entry requirements of the patient’s own testing.


via China – Mystery disease in 6 provinces – HIV/AIDS ruled out – Page 2 – FluTrackers.


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  1. tzopilotl says:

    …guangdong has 45 species of monkeys, if you read vargas llosa’s
    Pantaleon y las Visitadoras, the plot revolves around a small detachment
    of national troop who are living deep in the jungle and are cohabitating
    with the species behind them(so evolution would have it), once the rumor reaches the Capitol, a rescue operation is put into effect to rescue the soldiers
    with pachachas/visitadoras of their own species.

  2. Emma says:

    Hello Fr., I am also interested in this. (See my most recent blog post for more info.) This post is a really engaging read; you have most certainly given me some food for thought! Regards, cars2scrap.

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