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DF: We must keep the next war short

Israel Defense Forces (IDF) Chief of Staff Benny Gantz recently stated that in a future war Israel will have to make sure that it secures a “swift” and decisive victory, because “we know that our ability to decide the battle depends on the Home Front’s resilience.”

It is well known that Israel’s enemies have been stockpiling missiles for the sole purpose of targeting Israeli cities with the most condensed population. Military intelligence officials predict that Tel Aviv would be a front in the next war.

With the U.S.’s financial assistance, Israel has developed the most advanced missile defense systems in the world. Nonetheless, even the most advanced defense system, such as the Iron Dome, will not eradicate the threat of incoming missiles.

Israelis are well aware of the gravity of the situation, and we often contemplate where we will find shelter in case of war. Many Israelis do not have adequate bomb shelters, and many people living in major Israeli cities are vulnerable to missile attack.

Therefore, with God’s help, it will be the IDF’s responsibility to ensure a swift and decisive victory in order to keep targeted and vulnerable civilian populations safe.

Amichai Farkas | June 13, 2011

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The video above shows Israeli military power
Insight into the mindsets of difficult groups can bting into focus how they will react under certain conditions.  In the case of Israel, the groups which need to be understood are  – Israel, the arab groups and nations determined to reclaim Palestine soil, and especially the current position of the U.S.A. Hopefully we somehow will be able to accurately understand and act in the necessary ways.
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