Good Grief ! The Cathedral Church Closes?

Here is an  interesting analysis as to how and why this  Cathedral Church of The Episcopal Church. (formerly ECUSA) had to close its doors. 

One of the points raised in the analysis is “diversity and inclusion”. This currently is a hot topic among many Christians.  Throughout Christian history, at its best, Christianity has made welcome anyone who wishes to explore or become Christian. The traditional/orthodox church does not modify or change basic Christian teachings. To be traditional/orthodox, one needs to subscribe to the historic teachings. Some things are unchangeable. Other things are subject to discussion, argument, and disagreement. One may argue as to whether to give an active adulterer eucharist. One may not argue or disbelieve as to the Atonement or Divinity of Jesus the Christ, for example.

Many well intentioned plans crumble when faced with unexpected realities.  You may argue for the foundational truths underlying your assumptions.  You may rail at the unfairness which derails your theological and ministerial understandings.  God Himself judges what and how we believe.  That is a good thing.

Fr. Orthohippo

October 4, 2011

“News comes from Wilmington, Delaware that the Vestry of the Cathedral Parish have voted to close the Church next year.  This is the Cathedral Parish of the diocese with a school!  One has to wonder what happened.

Over at th Blog, To All the World, the author speculates about the closing.  The Church prided itself on inclusion and social justice ministry and the author speculates that this is what lead to their demise.  If you substitute inclusion, diversity, and social justice for the Gospel things will not always work out.  At the end of the article he has this to say:

Apparently the emphasis on diversity and inclusion wasn’t sufficient to build a  congregation big enough even to continue to operate.This is where the  Episcopal Church has made a huge mistake: substituting inclusion and social  justice for evangelism. (But when you have lost sight of the biblical gospel,  what else can you expect?) It was the death  of the 20/20 program, and  to the extent that the rest of the Episcopal church follows this trend (and it  is!) it will be the death of the denomination.Don’t misunderstand me:  Evangelism is supposed to be inclusive. “Go into all the world and preach the  gospel…” (Mark 16:15). The gospel is about diversity: “make disciples of all  nations…” (Matthew 28:19). But inclusion and diversity (social justice, the  Millennium Development Goals, etc.) apart from the authentic, saving Gospel of  Jesus Christ is a futile and empty thing–one that offers no true salvation but  only death.
Let this be a lesson to all of us.  Although the Gospel is indeed diverse and inclusive we cannot substitute good ole Biblical preaching, teaching and evangelism for whatever thing the wind happens to blow in.  It’s our job to preach the truth as revealed in the Gospel and handed down through the ages by the Church, not to preach whatever happens to be popular today!  Being a Christian is hard, just ask the martyrs.”

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