Would you like your dinner plate to tell you that you are eating too fast, and thus too much?  Here is a government initiative to bring this into being.  But, as the article makes clear, be prepared to pay a bunch for your talking plate.
Fr. Orthohippo
November 21, 2011

A Talking Plate to Lose Weight?

Study after study has shown that slowing down and savoring each bite of food helps people lose weight, and maintain their weight loss over time. The reason is simple: It takes your brain 15 to 20 minutes to know that your stomach is full, and if you eat too fast, your brain hasn’t had enough time to catch up with your stomach. The next thing you know, portion control is completely out the window.

Of course, eating slowly is easier said than done, which is why Swedish researchers partnered with Great Britain’s National Health Services (NHS) to create a plate that actually talks to dieters, cautioning them to eat more slowly. The plate senses what’s wrong with your eating habits thanks to a small scale under the plate, and an attached computer screen shows a graphic of the food as the user eats it. The user’s progress is tracked with a red line across the screen while a blue line demonstrates a healthy eating rate. If the lines become too disparate, a computer voice will tell them to slow down. The computer screen also flashes helpful messages to keep users eating mindfully (e.g., “Are you feeling full yet?”).

Although this plate of the future might seem a little over the top, British researchers have tested the product, and think it could help teach obese people to eat more slowly. If you want one of your own, though, it

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will cost you: The devices currently run for £1,500, which is about $2,347.

-Annie Hauser, Senior Editor

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