Can you be too God centered? I run into folks from time to time who, as the old saw says, are sopie in sky heavenly minded as to be no earthly good.  These folks come from the full range of backgrounds.  They include Evangelicals, Catholics, Orthodox, and not affliliated.  Some start as Christians but then step over the line into a deadly spiritual wilderness.

They remind me of a boy staring at pie in the sky while missing dinner.

So what is over emphasis on God and heavenly wonders? It can be expressed several ways.

1.  The person who believes his understanding and pursuit of God make him the main fixture and model for others to achieve what he has.  Not only that, but he knows all his thoughts and actions please God and profit mankind. It is all about him (or her) rather than any imitation of Christ..

2.  The person who speaks only in spiritual images and concepts. Ask what is for dinner, and God’s bounty is explained in detail. It is as if the only way any thing can be of value is is when we can describe it with “holy language”. Ordinary life has little value. He sees little of God and Jesus with routine life. This is a cousin to #3.

3.  The person who concentrates his mind almost entirely on who God is. Here and now recedes into the background. Daily obligations are postponed. This person may forget he is married, or that his job is important. Since he obviously devotes himself to higher things, this neglect of people is O. K.  God will understand and approve his devotion.

4.  These skeletal descriptions in 1, 2, and 3  are not the only ways of being too God centered.  Many so afflicted are a mix of the above.  Chances are you have met some of them.

They are distinctly different from the folks mentioned below.

wide scene

It is important to distinguish the too God centered from those who overtly take a path which demands great concentration on God and Heavenly things. Among them are contemplative religious orders and hermetic monks deliberately taking a defined and understood withdrawal from usual daily life.  They are not expected to interact with the world as most folks do.  They ably interact with their communities or, when necessary, from their isolation.

A more scholarly answer on this question comes from The Internetmonk. He was asked “did he regret once saying that some people are too God centered?  His answer: No. It still concerns me. Not whether all things are centered in, related to, dependent on, destined for and exist to glorify God, but whether some expressions of Christianity can become so God-focused that the significance of what is not God- including all things in human experience- are devalued and even distorted to the point of confusion in the minds of God loving/God believing people.”

via internetmonk.com .

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The blog of a retired Anglican priest (MSJ), his musings, journey, humor, wonderment, and comments on today's scene.
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  1. Joanna says:

    If I may… your original description of being too God-centered are people who are in my opinion too self-centered. Rather than truly being focused on God, they are focused on their identity as a God-fearing Christiian. Somehow, it ends up being all about them. This in opposition to the second group you describe, who reflect God’s love without having to draw attention to said reflection to all who will listen.

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