Roman Catholic cardinals of specified age gather in consistory to elect a new pope.  Many Protestant and Anglican groups gather both clergy and laymen who vote upon names nominated until they have a majority vote.  The Church of England adds a provision that the ruling monarch can veto an unacceptable choice. There are other variations in selecting the leader of established church denominations.

Among the interesting variations is that of the Coptic Christian Church. It mixes together clerics, laymen, selection of candidates, and a final choice “guided” by the Holy Spirit.

Fr. Orthohippo

The naming of Pope Shenouda’s successor could take up to three months. A synod of archbishops, bishops and lay leaders will form a committee to select three candidates. The names will be put in a box and a blindfolded acolyte will pick one — a step meant to be guided by the will of God.

— Associated Press

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