Traveling with Holy Land tours

For a number of years I was fortunate to be involved in travel business. Part of that time I worked for KLM, Royal Dutch Airlines, and also with group travel agencies designing and traveling with Holy Land tours, as well as religious sites in Europe and Africa.  This allowed me to travel all over much of the world.

It is true that personal visits to Israel and other religious sites bring a perspective and attachment not possible in any other way. The Articles below will help explain this, and I encourage you to try to make such a pilgrimage.

Fr. OrthohippoBaptistry in the Negev desert. Photo taken during one of my visits.

The Bible records a number of ancient civilizations. Perhaps the most famous of these is ancient Rome.

By the time of the New Testament, Rome was the major world power, and it was in control of the Holy Land during the entire earthly life of Jesus and during the lives of his immediate followers.

Jesus was born during the reign of the Roman emperor Augustus. He was crucified during the reign of the Roman emperor Tiberius. The book of Acts records the Roman emperor Claudius by name. And both St. Peter and St. Paul were martyred at Rome by the Emperor Nero.

It is clear that the Romans were extraordinarily important to the world in which the New Testament was written.

All that makes it worth asking: Who were the Romans, and where did their civilization come from?

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See the Holy Land

September 7, 2012 Leave a comment

Günther Simmermacher, who editor of The Southern Cross, kindly sent me a link to the site See the Holy Land. It caused me to have less sleep than I would have liked to have had last night… I simply got lost in looking at all the sites in the Holy Land, and thus make the recommendation that you too go have a look-see:

Welcome to We hope it will encourage you to go as a pilgrim to this place where three faiths believe God entered into a relationship with the human race.

For our purpose, the Holy Land encompasses the places in the Middle East that are mentioned in the Old and New Testaments. It includes Israel and the Palestinian Territories, western Jordan, the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt and southern Syria.

Three points of explanation should be made:

• looks at the sacred sites from a Christian perspective but with respect for the beliefs and traditions of all faiths. In the interests of modern Christian pilgrims, the focus is mainly on sites of the New Testament.

• We seek to be factual rather than pious. We aim to present well-researched articles written in a down-to-earth style that avoids the hype and — to coin a word — sanctimentality that descriptions of holy places sometimes employ.

• The development of this website has been prompted by a desire to inform and encourage pilgrims to the Holy Land, especially from the southern hemisphere, rather than by commercial interests. Travel agents who organize pilgrimages to the Holy Land are offered free listings, but without endorsement…

More here. Enjoy. And long for the next time to get to go to the Holy Land!

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