Church’s national assembly told – The Church of England will cease to exist in 20 years

The Church of England will cease to exist in 20 years as the current generation of elderly worshippers dies, Anglican leaders warned yesterday.

The Telegraph reports:

The average age of its members is now 61 and by 2020 a “crisis” of “natural wastage” will lead to their numbers falling “through the floor”, the Church’s national assembly was told.

The Church was compared to a company “impeccably” managing itself into failure, during exchanges at the General Synod in York.

The warnings follow an internal report calling for an urgent national recruitment drive to attract more members.

In the past 40 years, the number of adult churchgoers has halved, while the number of children attending regular worship has declined by four fifths.

The Rev Dr Patrick Richmond, a Synod member from Norwich, told the meeting that some projections suggested that the Church would no longer be “functionally extant” in 20 years’ time…

There’s more here.

You know what the problem is? They stopped preaching and teaching the unadulterated truth of the Gospel long ago. The Bible has been adapted in the name of being culturally relative and sensitive, and as such they have become no different to any other boring social club. Preach the Word. Preach the truth. Preach Christ and Christ crucified… and that for SIN!  (comment by Fr. Smuts, with which I can agree)


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2 Responses to Church’s national assembly told – The Church of England will cease to exist in 20 years

  1. Judy Kirkpatrick says:

    …and American churches may not be far behind.

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