Over half of this church does not believe in God

Here is a peek into a road map which leads to secular “religion”.  In Great Britain, the 49% who say they believe there is a God, never describe the God in whom they believe.  Much “Church religion profession” is not related to the Christian God described in Scripture.

Fr. Orthohippo

Speaking of Godlessness, over at the eChurch blog:

According to a Sunday Times survey conducted by YouGov, of the 546 respondents that considered their religion to be Church of England, only 49% responded positively to the question: I believe there is a God.

The question posed was:  People have different beliefs about God, which of the following best applies to you?

49% I believe there is a God.

26% I do not believe in a God, but do believe there is some sort of spiritual higher power.

10% I do not believe in any sort of God or higher spiritual power.

16% Don’t know.

Hop over to BRIN to see a thorough breakdown of the survey findings.

A taste of the breakdown:

The Sunday Times took advantage of the expected announcement of the appointment of Justin Welby as the next Archbishop of Canterbury (eventually confirmed on 9 November) to include several questions on religion in the latest weekly omnibus poll which YouGov conducts on the newspaper’s behalf.

Online interviews were undertaken on 8 and 9 November 2012 with a representative sample of 1,642 Britons aged 18 and over, of whom 546 considered themselves to belong to the Church of England (even if not practising).

According to the study, rather more than one-third (37%) of all adults claim to believe in God, peaking among Anglicans (49%), those regarding themselves as richer than most people (47%), the over-60s (46%), women (43%), and Conservative voters (43%). One-fifth (21%) say they do not believe in God but do believe in some sort of spiritual higher power. Disbelievers in either God or a higher power number 29% and are particularly to be found among the 18-24s (39%) and men (37%). The remaining 13% do not know what to think about God.

Regular attendance (once a month or more) at a place of worship, other than for the rites of passage, is reported by 12% of Britons, rising to 17% in London, 18% for the self-designating rich, 19% of Scots, and 27% for believers in God. One-third are very occasional churchgoers (including 46% of Anglicans, 42% of Conservative voters, and 40% of the over-60s), while 53% admit that they never worship (with 59% among those aged 25-39, 62% of those considering themselves as poorer than most, and 84% of disbelievers in God).   

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