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hippo cartoonJust a few notes about Orthodoxy geographic patterns in the USA.
Fr. Ernesto gathered some of the newly released statistics from the Assembly of Orthodox Bishops.
Fr. Orthohippo
orthoduck-new-logo27 February 2013 · by 
Fr. Obregon

The Assembly of Orthodox Bishops has posted some informative material on their website. One of the has to do with geographic patterns of Orthodox life in the USA. Just to give you an idea of some of the interesting information you can find. Let me post a couple of notes for you.

Which state in the USA has the most Orthodox believers? The State of New York has.

Which state has the largest average parish size? The District of Columbia, which is not actually a state!

Which state has the most parishes? The State of Pennsylvania.

Which state has the highest proportion of Orthodox in comparison to the state’s population? The State of Alaska.

Which state has the most spread out parishes? The State of South Dakota, with only 0.3 parishes per 10,000 square miles of state.

Which state has the fewest Orthodox believers? The State of Hawaii – I guess it is too hot to wear rassa there, GRIN. Anyone feel a call to be a missionary to Hawaii?

Which state has the least number of parishes? The States of North Dakota and South Dakota are tied with three each.

Which state has the lowest average parish size? The State of North Dakota with 50 people per parish on the average.

You get the idea, and they are fun facts to have for your next Trivia night. So, go to the Assembly of Bishops website and see what you can find.

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