The Anglican Catholic

Clearly understanding (unlike some ecclesiastical blogophobes out there) the full value and tremendous potential of blogs, since having left the Traditional Anglican Communion for the Anglican Catholic Church, Fr Anthony Chadwick has started up a new blog simply entitled: The Anglican Catholic.

hippo cartoonIt does help to have a score card when it comes to knowing your various Anglican (and other) Churches.  Fr. Orthohippo


Received into the Anglican Catholic Church

I have been quiet for a few days here on the blog, but not without reason.

The news is already out in different places on the Web about my reception into the Anglican Catholic Church (Original Province), Diocese of the United Kingdom. I have been in contact for some time with Bishop Damien Mead and have kept our dialogue and the preparation of this move under wraps. As the application process advanced, I resigned my place in the Traditional Anglican Church of Britain (TAC) and left the TAC in good standing with my prayers for their future ministry in England and elsewhere.

This step has not been taken lightly as many aspects had to be considered, especially that of the part of the world where I live. It has been, and continues to be, a long and hard journey in my priestly vocation and desire to work in the Lord’s Vineyard in whatever way possible in a world where the Christian Faith is nearly extinguished – and Churches are discredited by the media or their own sins.

As some formalities still need to be looked into with our Diocesan Board of Ministry, I have been issued with a Licence Pro Tempore by the Bishop which allows me to continue to exercise my priesthood in the Chaplaincy of Saint Mary the Virgin. I am grateful for this gift of continuity in my vocation as a priest in the Universal Church.

I will doubtlessly have other reflections to offer when my new mission in the Church of Christ has had time to sink in. In the meantime, I offer some photos and links to this happy event.

Only one thing marred this happy occasion – a slightly sprained but very painful left foot, with my ankle and bunion tendons on fire. My compassion went out to those who are truly handicapped and find walking difficult or impossible. Driving back to France was quite a stiff upper lip affair, as the clutch of my van is quite hard, and I had to push it with just the right part of my left foot! Well, I got home safely all the same.

The foot is much better now due to rest and the judicious use of paracetamol and I have seen no need to go to the doctor – for referral for an x-ray, a lot of waiting, uncertain diagnosis and a lot of ado about nothing. These things usually clear up on their own, as is happening this time.


My reception in Canterbury, Sunday 14th April 2013

From the about page:

About Fr. Orthohippo

The blog of a retired Anglican priest (MSJ), his musings, journey, humor, wonderment, and comments on today's scene.
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