ACNA and Missouri Synod Lutheran talks

IRD Exclusive: Bishop Sutton on the ACNA and Lutheranism

Bishop Sutton (right) at the IRD office during the 2013 March for Life, alongside Archbishop Robert Duncan (left) and IRD Presiden Mark Tooley (center).


BG: Well, you’ve certainly seen some success in robust ecumenical dialogue. For example, the ACNA just signed on to a joint statement with American and Canadian Lutheran leaders regarding marriage. You all also gathered in a joint evening prayer. Speaking from my own experience at least, that cooperation and co-belligerence can be a bit of a rarity among orthodox Lutherans in the North American continent. What are your reflections on this recent development, and do you have any hopes or expectations for where this might all lead?

BRS: I am very encouraged by our Lutheran brothers and sisters in two different jurisdictions who’ve become very, very strong Christian friends with the Anglican Church in North America and the Reformed Episcopal Church. We have experienced nothing but true Christian charity and real cooperation around the essentials of the faith. The Lutheran Church Missouri Synod has been so kind. I’ve been time and again moved by how they have been willing to talk with Biblical Anglicans. They’ve not been known in the past for a lot of ecumenical activity, and mainly worked within some fairly narrow constraints of Lutheranism, but we have seen proper Biblical breadth in their dealings with us. They, along with all of us, recognize that at this point in history, the Christians that believe in the Bible and the historic catholic creeds, and in their case are coheirs of the Reformation, need ………..

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