20 questions before you preach your Christmas Sermon.

20 Questions to Ask Before Preaching Your Christmas Sermon

Christmas Nativity

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Dear Pastor,

Your Christmas sermon is a big deal!

The eternal destination of many who will sit in your Christmas service hang in the balance.

Are you ready?

Here are 20 questions that you should ask yourself before you preach this Christmas:

1. Have I prayed over my message, completely given it to God, and asked for the Holy Spirit’s guidance?

2. Have I faithfully interpreted God’s Word without addition or subtraction?

3. Is there a clear, direct presentation of the Gospel?

4. Do I need to explain or simplify any terminology?

5. Is this a message written for believers or non-believers?

6. Can I summarize the purpose of the message in a sentence?

7. Is the message focused on the purpose or are there unnecessary tangents?

8. What do I want people to do as a result of hearing this message?

9. How do I want people to feel as a result of hearing this message?

10. Is it too long?

11. Have I included anything that will make people laugh?

12. Have I included any engaging stories or illustrations?

13. Is there anyone I could (or should) ask for feedback on this before I preach?

14. What have I done to equip my people to invite people to hear the message?

15. Who have I personally invited to come hear this message?

16. Have I asked my church to be praying for the salvation of others, and have I personally done the same?

17. What is my strategy for getting people to come back to hear the next message?

18. Is there any sin in my life that I need to repent of before I call others to repent?

19. Have I fully prepared and practiced?

20. Is this the absolute best I can do?

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