Complications in forming opinions

Fractured Islam beliefs can be surprising.  No single theology (monolithic) religion here. No question Syria is a totalitarian state. Yet we have a “repressive” government (Syria) mostly protecting its Christian citizens, while the rebels routinely terrorize them.  Saudi Arabia’s religion is Wahabi Islam, an ultra-extreme (conservative in understanding Islam) version. Osama bin Ladin was born a scion of a wealthy Saudi family, and was Wahabi his whole life, though later despising the Saudi monarchy.
An analogy within Christianity might be West Haven Baptist Church theology and actions, or white racist supremacist Christians.
Here in the USA, our understanding of Syrian realities are shaped almost entirely by news coverage which is formed to support political views (of our government). 
To get different news, we need alternate sources. News outlets such as The Assyrian News Agency regularly report on their coreligionists in Syria.  Most Americans will pay little attention. We rarely question our government’s slant of such news.  After all, Christianity is very unpopular in Washington, and we mostly do not want to make things more dangerous for serious Christians such as ourselves.
Happy New Year.
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Syndicated News
Syria’s Assad Urges Fight Against Saudi Religious Ideology

(AFP) — Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad Monday called for a battle against Wahhabism, the political and religious ideology embraced by the Saudi government, a key backer of the uprising against his regime.

The comments came amid ongoing tensions between the two countries, which are fiercely opposed to each other.

“President Assad said that extremist and Wahhabi thought distort the real Islam, which is tolerant,” state news agency SANA said.

“He underlined the role of men of religion in fighting against Wahhabi thought, which is foreign to our societies,” the agency said.

Wahhabism is an ultra-conservative Muslim tradition, which is predominant in Saudi Arabia and applied to both religious and political life.

Assad’s remarks during a meeting with religious clerics from Lebanon come a day after Saudi King Abdullah accused the Syrian leader of “destroying his country”.

The monarch, who is hosting French President Francois Hollande, also accused Assad of having attracted Islamic extremists to Syria.

Groups affiliated with and loyal to Al-Qaeda are now among those fighting on the ground against Assad’s government.

Saudi Arabia is a key backer of the rebels fighting against Assad’s regime, and the Damascus government accuses the kingdom of funding “terrorists” seeking to destroy Syria.

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