Police seize more than 3 thousand tons of methamphetamine and arrested 182 people

How about 3 thousand tons of methamphetamine in one raid? Good grief!

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» 01/04/2014

Guangdong , police take control of “drugs village”
In a massive raid on Boshe ( Lufeng ) police seized more than 3 thousand tons of methamphetamine and arrested 182 people. The operation involved more than 3 thousand policemen. Village of 14 thousand inhabitants supplied one third of all drugs in all of China .

Beijing (AsiaNews / Agencies ) – More than 182 arrests and three tons of methamphetamine were seized in the village of Boshe , near the city of Lufeng , Guangdong Province . The area known as the “drugs village” produced more than a third of drugs intended for the criminal market in China. Beginning on 29 December 2013 the raid concluded yesterday and this morning the area was calm.

The raids these days have involved at least 3 thousand police officers, two helicopters and several boats. The village has an estimated population of about 14 thousand inhabitants, according to police sources, at least one -fifth of households is linked to drug trafficking . However, some residents note that most of the criminal gangs are not from Boshe , but come from Shenzhen and other cities. The small town was used as the basis for their trades and operated by some local families.

A farmer told the South China Morning Post that ” in recent years the village was filled with luxury cars and villas ,” but only some of the owners are from Boshe . The man explains “that the drug gangs have made ​​our county and the surrounding area infamous for crime . Nobody dares to buy our products or vegetables. The girls are struggling to find a husband and men a wife because of distrust of the people living in the villages and nearby towns . “


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