Kenneth Copeland, Anglican Bishop Tony Palmer, and Pope Francis all on the same page.

Here is a request from a former Lutheran, journeyed charismatic evangelical, and currently retired Anglican priest. No matter your place in our Christian body, this message from Kenneth Copeland, Bishop Tony Palmer, and Pope Francis will shake your expectations and concerns.  Please click on “The Miracles of God and Bishop Tony Palmer”  below to hear this message from the three leaders. I expect you have never experienced this message this way.
Fr. Orthohippo

The Miracles of God and Bishop Tony Palmer

Hello friends,
Below I am posting a talk by Anglican Bishop Tony Palmer. He is speaking at a conference for evangelical leaders and this particular talk was featured within Kenneth Copeland’s worship service.This talk blew my mind and I feel that it is deeply prophetic. Bishop Tony is talking about the unification of the Protestant and Catholic church through the power of the Holy Spirit and the truth he speaks is astounding. Bishop Tony knew Pope Francis before he was elected to the pontificate, and Pope Francis recorded a special message for the evangelical leaders that Bishop Tony plays at the end of this talk. It is powerful. The talk is 40 minutes of your life well spent.God is doing something great in the Church right now. Something amazing. Will we be open? What you will see in this video may be a bit outside your comfort zone but I ask that you pray to the Holy Spirit and listen to the message. What is God saying to you?Bishop Tony begins to speak at 4:30 of this video if you want to fast forward directly to that point.God bless you!

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