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In my last post, tensions between AA and churchmen were superficially explored. That got me thinking more about addiction, AA, and the church.

(I decided to review, give a minor update, and am surprised that this post has been continually accessed over the years. Here it is.)

ADDICTION: Most folks have an understanding as to what addiction is.  It usually in based on their own life situations and those of friends and acquaintances. In truth this kind of understanding is lacking in depth and detail. Addictions vary widely. Some have little adverse effect on one’s life.  Others can be deadly.  Here, I am refering to addictions which negatively effect one’s daily life, and are resistant to change. They can range from hoarders to sex to substance abuse.  Abuse is always part of dangerous addiction, but non addicts often manifest abuse as part of their actions.

I have had an addictive personality…

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