article-2270572-173F3F60000005DC-687-964x638-jpg_021959Climate change has never stopped in earth’s history.  It is a part of weather patterns.  The only arguments come from what changes our climate. Climate scientists are able to track in very broad detail much of earth’s prior existence, and the cycles which developed.  As earth’s history developed, the various named ages all were similarly charted. Agreed, the conclusions and conditions are not terribly specific.

In those past thousands of years for which we have human records, however, conclusions are much more specific.  In recent centuries results are very accurate.  What has become a hotly contested discussion recently, however, it what is causing today’s climate change.  It is fair to say that the various theories offered today are impossible to confirm as data is simply not there.

One of the new theories is that human industrial emissions are very high on the suspect list. As a scientific proof there is inadequate data to reach a firm conclusion as to causation. A relationship, possibly, but even that is inconclusive.

What is very popular is extrapolation of what might happen if X occurs.  These extrapolations are guesses, as these base starting positions have never occured just this way before. Educated guesses, just as most scientific studies test an expected result against new raw data.

One thing that is certain is that there is much money in play on taking action to  alter the suspected dangerous results. There is also great political power in play, not to mention possible academic honors.

Those called climate deniers have never disagreed that climate changes, sometimes dramatic, regularly occur.  They argue for better use of available climate data.  Those touting humans as causing the current changes base their conclusions of expected results, based on their guesses, since there is no data to base those conclusions.


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