Please do not put explosives near the shop

A Photo of the Day

I could not resist sharing this picture.  Someday in the future a store in your neighborhood may have a similar sign posted.  Lebanon, perhaps, is simply ahead of us in time.

We rarely think of our personal safety in these kinds of terms.  Every weekday I talk with a Lebanese parapro interpreter at middle school school from northern Lebanon, a mostly Christian part of Lebanon.

Fr. Orthohippo


No Explosives, Please.

A Lebanese vendor takes out juice bottles from a refrigerator with a banner plastered on it that reads in Arabic, ‘Please do not put explosives near the shop, because more than half of the merchandise is on credit. Thank you,’ at the entrance of his shop on the highway off the predominantly-Christian port city of Jounieh, north of Beirut, April 8, 2014.

Credit: AFP/GETTY IMAGES/Joseph Eid


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