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New fatwa – you must hate your wife………

Syndicated News Islamic Fatwa: Husbands Should Abandon Wives to Rapists in Self-Interest By Raymond Ibrahim Frontpage Magazine Posted 2014-05-29 16:41 GMT Dr. Yassir al-Burhami, vice president of Egypt’s Salafi party – the nation’s premiere Islamist party since the Muslim Brotherhood … Continue reading

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“How Is Homosexuality Understood in Scripture, Tradition, and in Contemporary Theology?”

home > papers >      [Here is the most complete discussion of Church and Homosexual behavior which I have found. It covers the various offered reasoning and theologies which abound, and are variously put forth as conclusive. I highly recommend you … Continue reading

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Again the political realm moves to define the Church. This will remain an increasing problem especially for Western Christians. Fr. Orthohippo

UN torture panel slams Vatican on sex-abuse scandal, says responsible for cases worldwide Published May 23, 2014 Associated Press   FILE – In this Monday, May 5, 2014 file photo Archbishop Silvano M. Tomasi, left, Apostolic Nuncio, Permanent Observer of … Continue reading

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“Set to impose death penalty on 10-year-old children”

» 05/23/2014 12:43 MALDIVES – ISLAM Under Sharia, the Maldives set to impose the death penalty on 10-year-old children Internet activists launch a campaign against Sharia, which came into effect on 27 April. If convicted of murder, even children will … Continue reading

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At least 31 killed, 90 injured in attack on market – Terrorism can happen anywhere

  At least 31 killed, 90 injured in attack on market in volatile western China region Published May 22, 2014 Facebook214 Twitter450 Gplus56 May 22, 2014: In this photo released by China’s Xinhua News Agency, police officers stand guard … Continue reading

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“Our Christian identity is belonging to a people: the Church. Without this, we are not Christians.”

It can be difficult for the individual to give proper perspective to what the Church includes.  No one can stand alone, outside the people of God.  Individualism can not stand alone.  We must recognize and give place to our being … Continue reading

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Guilty of Torture So Says the U.N. by Stefano Gennarini 5 . 13 . 14 U.N. experts in Geneva were at it again last week telling the Holy See that Catholic teaching on abortion is a human rights abuse, revealing … Continue reading

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The Serenity Prayer and how it really came to be…..

Every person who claims connection with AA, NA, and other related organizations knows, and usually appreciates the serenity prayer.  It is used daily by countless substance abusers, as well as many other folks, as part of their daily prayers and … Continue reading

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‘It is hard to find a bishop in England and Wales with a good word to say about Catholic blogs’

The emergence of the Catholic blogosphere is one of the most significant developments in the 21st-century Church Catholic Herald View: Bishops and bloggers: there is a way out of this impasse   By The Catholic Herald on Thursday, 20 March … Continue reading

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How the West tries to marginalize Christianity

A very human trait is to put off looking into unpleasant or uncomfortable situations. Wallace Henley gives a penetrating look into both Middle East and Western, especially USA, current methods of marginalizing or destroying Christianity.  The Church has gone through … Continue reading

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