Today’s “Inspired” Propaganda Effort in play against the Church

TruthThe following article, which can be read through its link below, is an inspired piece of hit journalism.  One reason I recognize it is that I  spend time in a US Army psychological warfare unit. So, why is this article inspired? 

It uses facts mixed with false conclusions, and some totally inaccurate “facts”. As we were taught about propaganda evaluation, this is the most effective and damaging method of the 3 types commonly  in use. 

The first type is white propaganda.  This type is designed to  persuade the listener.  It simply uses the best examples of truth available, and depends on the listener to compare his own situation with the situation portrayed in the white propaganda.

The second type is gray propaganda.  This type mixes truth, half-truths, and lies.  Opinion conclusions are offered as unquestioned truths. Since it rests on a “bedrock” of truth which can be verified, it usually inclines the listener to not pursue deeply the validity of the half-truths, opinions, and lies included.  This is generally considered the  most powerful and effective type of propaganda.  In Army classes, we practiced generating this type most often. Being creative here was most popular with us students.

The third type is made up of lies and half-truths.  This is effective when the listeners have become vulnerable to their treatment by those in power over them.

In this article, the author has his own reasons for presenting this hit piece on the Pope, and secondly the Catholic Church. I am not sure what his reasons are, but I recognize an artful example of how to present gray propaganda to the detriment of the Church. Go figure. WoW with brady Fr. Orthohippo

Catholics must learn to resist their popes — even Pope Francis
Too many are becoming party apparatchicks
Cause celebre. (AP Photo/Alessandra Tarantino)

Cause celebre.
Cause celebre. (AP Photo/Alessandra Tarantino)

Pope Francis has a funny way of naming and shaming certain tendencies in the Church, using insults that are inventive, apposite, and confounding. His ear is finely tuned for the way the Catholic faith can be distorted by ideology. And I’d like to imitate his example when I say this: Most Catholics are completely unprepared for a wicked pope. And they may not be prepared for Pope Francis either. They are more loyal to an imagined Catholic party than to the Catholic faith or the Church. ………………rest of article link below –

Catholics must learn to resist their popes — even Pope Francis
Too many are becoming party apparatchicks

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