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Islam and Christianity: Competing Worldviews

CultureWatch This is an excellent summary, in brief, of the differences between Islam and Christianity. I agree with what Bill Muehlenberg has written, with a few differences of emphasis. It helps one understand modern day excesses. Fr. Orthohippo Bill Muehlenberg’s … Continue reading

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Vermont Catholic Church losses

Photo by Jeb Wallace-Brodeur St. Augustine Church in Montpelier is seen under stormy clouds last week. Vermont Catholic Bishop Salvatore Matano approached the lectern and apologized for how the heat had sparked allergies that shrank his voice. But he and … Continue reading

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Sanctification of the Christian – The Gospel Coalition Contraversy

An Orthodox Commentary on the Gospel Coalition Controversy                                                               Sanctification, grace, and holiness – Here are comments about the ongoing discussion as to just what are these conditions as lived out by  individuals.  What marks a Christian living out his … Continue reading

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TV channel just for Atheists –

Atheism gets its own TV channel in the US – a shot in the dark or a sign of changing times? By Peter Foster World Last updated: July 23rd, 2014 It is a fact of American life that even though … Continue reading

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Church of England Anglicans Set to Remove Satan from Baptismal Rite

  This seems to me to be a desperate effort to retain membership no matter the cost. It definitely increases an uncrossable divide with Orthodox, Catholic, Conservative Anglicans, and many Protestants. Jesus certainly knew the Devil was present. Fr. Orthohippo … Continue reading

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Just What is the Original Christian Gospel?

The Original Christian Gospel Fr. James Bernstein | 01 November 2011 (There are significant differences between Orthodox and Roman Catholic/Protestant understandings of just how we understand the Original Christian Gospel.  Here is the beginning of an excellent description of both … Continue reading

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  SC v. THE EPISCOPAL CHURCH – FIREWORKS IN THE COURTROOM 17 Jul 2014 Author: Jan Pringle Diocese of South Carolina                NEWS RELEASE PO Box 20127, Charleston, South Carolina 29413-0127 126 Coming Street, Charleston, South Carolina 29403 The Episcopal Church here … Continue reading

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