Even Buddhists worry about Islamic population growth

Sri Lankan minister warns of Muslim radicalization

[Several studies predict that with current immigration and birth rates, Muslims will be the largest religious group in the United States by 2046. Islam is almost as fractured as Christianity.  These predictions cannot say which Islamic group might dominate. 
Especially since the twin tower terrorist attack, Americans have a deep reserve about their Muslim neighbors.  We have regular reports and broadcasts of Muslim, Jewish, and Christians being targeted by Islamic  radicals.  A few reports here and in Britain deal with attempts to institute Sharia law statutes locally by small groups of immigrant Muslims. Strict Sharia is as foreign as strict Puritanism, for example would be,  to Americans.
Presently, it is not just us, but other countries also dealing with similar concerns. 
Most Americans, if they think about it at all, believe Buddhism is a mainly peaceful religion. It is fractured just as we are. Below, read about what is happening in Sri Lanka, an island nation southeast of the tip of India. Religiously Buddhism is the majority religion, followed by Islam and several smaller groups. It is a favorite place I visited.
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Sri Lanka police ban rallies inciting hatred Associated PressSri Lankan police ban rallies inciting hatred Associated Press

COLOMBO, Sri Lanka (AP) — A top Sri Lankan minister on Friday warned that the country’s Muslim minority could become radicalized if they continue to be subjected to attacks and false allegations of extremism by majority Buddhist nationalists.

Justice Minister Rauff Hakeem told a meeting with foreign correspondents that the government must act against groups propagating hatred against Muslims and those responsible for recent violence in the southwest.

Two Muslims were killed and dozens of others were wounded last month after the Buddhist nationalist group Bodu Balal Sena, or Buddhist Power Force, held a rally in which they called for the destruction of Muslim-owned shops. Hours later, many homes and shops were looted and burnt.

The nationalists spread fear with statements such as that Muslims are trying to take over the country by increasing their population and secretly sterilizing majority Sinhalese. They also say Muslim fundamentalist ideologies from other countries are taking root among the locals and that it can lead to terrorism.

“All types of perceptions which are taking root due to the stereotyping (are) very dangerous,” Hakeem said, adding that stigma could lead to radicalization of the community.

Referring to Sri Lanka’s Muslims, he said: “A community which is pushed against the wall like this will suddenly become a fertile ground for outside forces.”

Hakeem said that Muslims are upset that there is no remorse expressed for the violence by the authorities.

Police questioned two persons, including a radical monk who is the leader of Bodu Balal Sena, the Rev. Galagode Atte Gnanasara. Both men spoke at the rally that turned deadly but were soon released.


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