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New Poll Finds Evangelicals’ Favorite Heresies

{A look at some specific differences between individual beliefs with their denominations and with historic theology decisions. Fr. Orthohippo} New Poll Finds Evangelicals’ Favorite Heresies Survey finds many American evangelicals hold unorthodox views on the Trinity, salvation, and other doctrines. … Continue reading

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Science and Medicine can never explain everything. Good thing.

Woman blinded as a child can see again after hitting her head on a coffee table Lisa Reid knelt down to kiss her guide dog a goodnight and hit her head Jon Stone Friday 31 October 2014 3K Print A … Continue reading

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One more view on Creation process offered

Pope Francis Says Evolution Is Not Inconsistent With God, Backs Scientific Advancements Here young earth creation                    is contrasted by Pope Francis         with a scientific view. This will not end               disagreements among           Christians. Fortunately, in my opinion,  a correct  knowledge  of … Continue reading

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Millennials and the Bible: 3 Surprising Insights

Millennials and the Bible: 3 Surprising Insights October 23, 2014—Much has been made of the growing post-Christian sentiment among America’s youngest generation of adults. But how has this well-documented turn away from religion affected Millennials’ views of Christianity’s most sacred … Continue reading

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Mexico prosecutor: Iguala mayor linked to attack on students that left 6 dead, 43 missing Here is an almost unbelievable story of public corruption with major fatal results. No other North American public corruption report seems quite as vivid and … Continue reading

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Perils in Social Engineering

Social engineering has been an ancient, historic, and current goal throughout earth history. It is something done in every era, and often challenged by social engineering with total different goals. One of the challenges inherent with such engineering is that … Continue reading

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Anonymous group of Chinese hackers release data from central Chinese government sites

 PUBLISHED : Sunday, 12 October, 2014, 3:56pm, SOUTH CHINA POST INTERNATIONAL EDITON UPDATED : Monday, 13 October, 2014, 5:26am   Chris Luo Below are some of the highlights of current daily life in Hong Kong, China.   The main … Continue reading

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Nebraska Teachers Told To Call Kids ‘Purple Penguins’ As ‘Boys And Girls’ Is Not ‘Gender Inclusive’

Spending each day in middle schools class rooms, I could not pass up sharing Katherine Timpf’s article.  This is the kind of thing which detracts from teacher prep, class time, and lessens learning opportunities.  Good God! No wonder Judy and … Continue reading

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Who decides just what is an Anglican?

Canterbury buries the instruments of unity (Some folks simply decide they are the final decision makers, probably since they believe they are entitled, or they have the best wisdom, or history, or whatever.  As always, there are those who disagree … Continue reading

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A breadless Jesus? Check out this eucharistic patten from 4th century

  This find is possibly a reasonable representation of Jesus before convention firmed up the usual bearded version.  His garb is also different. Fortunately, what Jesus looks like is not relevant to salvation. Fr. Othohippo 3 October 2014 Last updated … Continue reading

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