Perils in Social Engineering

downloadSocial engineering has been an ancient, historic, and current goal throughout earth history. It is something done in every era, and often challenged by social engineering with total different goals. One of the challenges inherent with such engineering is that of unintended consequences.  Goals which some believe are necessary and desirable may have inherent difficulties if implemented.

An excellent example is the desire of a Nebraska school system to equalize sexual preferences and life styles, explicitly stating that to allow gender difference mention in school is “wrong”.

IMG_0944Without speaking to this goal, One day in Huron Woods Middle School class, I was struck with a serious unintended (I hope) consequence.  In our school system, a high school graduate needs two years of a foreign language. If teachers could not make gender differences, students would be unable to effectively and properly speak, for example, French.  French, and all other languages I can think of spoken on earth by significant numbers of people, have gender differences as an necessary part of its structure.  English definitely has that structure (he, her, etc.). We could not even teach English grammar and structure without gender words.

If pursued by school systems, their students will have no opportunity to speak proper English, let alone such foreign languages as may be taught. Talk about being at a disadvantage in the current world community.  Or is this engineering intended to force all other languages to abandon their language structures and embrace this social goal?  Would be rather an arrogance often found in Americans. Good Luck.

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The blog of a retired Anglican priest (MSJ), his musings, journey, humor, wonderment, and comments on today's scene.
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