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40 years of failed USA teaching methods

China’s lesson: why the West was wrong to abandon ‘chalk and talk’ teaching methods ‘Chalk and talk’ teaching has been phased out in Western countries over the past 40 years. The success of Chinese pupils is forcing a rethink PUBLISHED … Continue reading

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Russian doctor rebellion causes headache

Russian doctor rebellion causes headache By NATALIYA VASILYEVA 6 hours ag MOSCOW (AP) — Dr. Semyon Galperin spent a decade in medical research in Russia and as much time in the United States, working at top hospitals and research companies. … Continue reading

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Christian mass successfully held at church in small Iraqi village nearly 20 miles north of ISIS stronghold of Mosul this past Sunday

Iraqi Christian Village in Nineveh Hosts First Mass Since ISIS Takeover By Samuel Smith , CP Reporter November 21, 2014|8:05 am source: (Photo: Reuters/Ahmed Jadallah) Displaced Iraqi Christians who fled from Islamic State militants in Mosul, pray at a … Continue reading

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The End of the Anglican Communion? What does it mean?

The End of the Anglican Communion? By Rod Dreher • November 19, 2014, 10:42 AM Goodbye to all that? (Catholic Church of England and Wales/Flickr) It may finally be at hand, says The Economist. More: In his latest speech, Archbishop … Continue reading

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How would you deal with paying a monthly government tax on each child in school? You think sport fees are too high? Check this out.

Syndicated News ISIS Imposes Education Tax on All Students in Iraq’s Mosul Posted 2014-11-19 21:25 GMT BAGHDAD — ISIS has announced monthly taxes on students attending schools and colleges in Iraq’s second-largest city, parents and a security official said … Continue reading

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Analyzing a number of failed presidential terms

Obama and the Nature of Failed Presidencies This seems to me to be the most even handed analysis I have ever read of what shapes international affair decisions in final Presidential terms. His reasoning and way of describing what difficulties … Continue reading

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Trying to understand Ecumenism and Russian State Power

Ecumenism and Russian State Power by George Weigel 11 . 12 . 14 Source Historically, various Orthodox Churches have identified with the political governance in their nations (ethnic groups). Here is a current day example of how this relationship … Continue reading

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“Christianity Today” report: It seems the Church of Satan has a list of recommended films on their website

Lessons from the Church of Satan Source – The films they recommend aren’t about Satan, for starters. Alissa Wilkinson/ November 10, 2014 ‘Rosemary’s Baby,’ in which the protagonist is impregnated by the Prince of Darkness. Today I read, with … Continue reading

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Is the High Church the Christianity of the future?

Why Millennials Long for Liturgy Is the High Church the Christianity of the future? By Gracy Olmstead • January 14, 2014 Olexiy Bayev / Shutterstock America’s youth are leaving churches in droves. One in four young adults choose “unaffiliated” when … Continue reading

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Sounds of schism from various Roman Catholic bishops

Pope Francis has conservatives talking schism. But a split is easier said than done David Gibson  | November 4, 2014 (Article source (RNS) Many conservative Catholics have long viewed Pope Francis with suspicion thanks to his effort to shift … Continue reading

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