Op-ed last week in campus newspaper, “The Daily Bruin,” UCLA – Student gov’t openly says student shouldn’t serve because she’s Jewish

UCLA shocker: Student gov’t openly says student shouldn’t serve because she’s Jewish


In a debate that put the essential racism and intolerance of leftist politics on full display, a University of California, Los Angeles student was almost denied a position on a student government committee recently solely because she is Jewish.

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In an op-ed last week in the campus newspaper, “The Daily Bruin,” UCLA student Rachel Frenklak recounted how some members of the Undergraduate Student Association argued that her roommate, Rachel Beyda shouldn’t be appointed a justice to the Judicial Board of the Undergraduate Students Association Council because her Jewish heritage represented a “conflict of interest.”

Her qualifications for th post, Frenklak wrote, were unquestionable.

“I greatly admire Rachel’s academic success and the passion and determination she has demonstrated toward her goal of becoming a lawyer,” Frenklak said of Beyda. “I have seen her accrue immense leadership skills and experience in the legal field, both at UCLA, as the current law clerk for the Judicial Board and beyond.”

And indeed, although the council members unanimously agreed with this assessment, “half of the council had strong reservations stemming from Rachel’s Jewish identity,” Frenklak wrote.

One was General Council Representative Fabienne Roth, Frenklak wrote

“My issue is — I’m going to be upfront about it — I think she’s pretty great. She’s smart, she like knows her stuff, she’s like probably going to be a really great lawyer,” Roth said, according to Frenklak. I sense a “but” coming.

“But I’m like not going to pretend this isn’t about conflict of interest. … It’s not her fault … but she’s part of a community that’s very invested in USAC. … Even if she’s the right person for the job,” claimed Roth.

Transfer Student Representative Negeen Sadeghi-Movahed put in, “For some reason, I’m not 100 percent comfortable. I don’t know why. I’ll go through her application again. I’ve been going through it constantly, but I definitely can see that she’s qualified for sure.”

The council members were ready to table the appointment for a later date. It took a faculty advisor to grease the skids: Frenklak wrote:

The initial telling vote of 4-4-1 was dismissed when Cultural Affairs Commissioner Irmary Garcia said she was “not ready” for the vote. A faculty member in attendance eventually stepped in to point out the problems with the council’s reasons for denying Rachel the position. And in the end, the council unanimously approved her appointment. However, Rachel’s justified appointment to the Judicial Board is not enough to right the wrongs.

She now demands a public apology, and it’s hard to disagree.

“Diversity” is a term that gets bandied around a lot by liberals without regard to its definition. Rather than including everyone, the left seems to believe “diversity” should only be all-inclusive so long as your beliefs match theirs.

The late conservative commentator, author and TV host William F. Buckley Jr. described this phenomenon best.

“Liberals claim to want to give a hearing to other views, but then are shocked and offended to discover that there are other views.”

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  1. Rachel says:

    Hi Fr. Orthohippo,
    This photo of me was used without my permission. Would you please remove it?
    Thank you so much,

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