Even staring at the computer screen can be fatal. Just one of a number of cases

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Video game addict dies after 19-hour gaming session

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For one computer game addict, his love for online role-playing turned lethal after he played for 19 hours straight, Central European News (CEN) reported.

Wu Tai, 24, was playing a marathon session of  World of Warcraft in an internet café in Shanghai when he suddenly began coughing violently and collapsed in his chair.

CCTV footage shows shocked fellow gamers watching as Wu turned to his left to cough violently on the floor.

“I suddenly heard him groan and when I turned to see what happened he was very pale and looked uncomfortable,” witness and fellow gamer Hsin Lo, 20, told CEN. “He was dabbing his mouth with a hankie which had blood on it.”

Witnesses asked Wu if he was okay and he said he felt better, but an ambulance was called. When medical crews arrived, they attempted to resuscitate Wu, but he was already dead.

According to a police spokesman, “An autopsy will determine the cause of death but there seems little doubt his playing on the computer for 19 hours instead of resting contributed to his death.”


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