China’s workers catch up with wide variety of health problems. Due to prosperity ?

94% workers struggle with poor health conditions

ancientchinaOVER 94 percent of office workers struggle with fatty liver, overweight and high blood lipids, according to a white paper released by the Shanghai Foreign Service Health Management Center yesterday.

The white paper was based on the result of the health checkups of nearly 400,000 employees and nearly 1,000 questionnaires, said the center under Shanghai Foreign Service Co, one of the largest human resource service providers in China.

The rate of people with abnormal health data during checkups was rising in the past five years, rose to 94.6 percent last year. Due to stress in life and at work, 29.5 percent of the white collar employees were found with fatty liver.

Equally, 25.8 percent were found to be overweight and 21 percent had high triglyceride. These were the three problems with the highest incidence.

Health experts at the Shanghai Foreign Service said overweight, thyroid problems and osteoporosis were rising alarmingly in the past five years.

People who are overweight grew from 14.1 percent to 25.8 percent. Thyroid problems were found in 4.3 percent of people five years ago, and it rose to 12.2 percent last year.

Cases of osteoporosis rose from 2.6 percent to 5.4 percent.

Health checkups found male office workers have much more serious health problem than their female colleagues.

As much as 45.4 percent of the male staff had fatty liver, 40.2 percent was overweight and 30 percent had high triglyceride.

Among women, hyperplasia of the breasts, piles and thyroid were the major problems. The incidence of hyperplasia of breasts doubled from 2010 and reached 81.9 percent, which was a cause

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