TV plots often begin with real life events such as this one…. Really? 17?


Chinese Casanova who dated 17 women at the same time leaves hospital with police escort

Mother takes him home, but now he is under suspicion of defrauding as much as 500,000 yuan from his victims

PUBLISHED : Friday, 10 April, 2015, 12:33pm
UPDATED : Wednesday, 15 April, 2015, 3:30pm

The young man who made headlines last week for dating at least 17 girlfriends at the same time has been taken home early from hospital by his mother – with a police escort – the Xiaoxiang Chen Bao reports.

The man, surnamed Yuan, returned to his hometown of Fulin, near the provincial capital Changsha, on Thursday. Yuan is suspected of fraud in his dealings with the women, the report said.

The latter-day Lothario’s multifaceted love life began to unravel after a traffic accident – in a car believed to have been borrowed from a girlfriend – put him in hospital on March 24. When doctors contacted his relatives, one girlfriend after another started turning up at the hospital at the same time.

The news spread rapidly in conventional media and on social media, where it drew thousands of comments.

The hospital said Yuan left the hospital in a hurry before fully recovering from his injury, according to the newspaper.

“The hospital did not recommend that he should leave. The request was made his mother,” a doctor was quoted as saying.

Most of the girlfriends are from Hunan province and have been with Yuan from between three months to nine years. The oldest is 40 while the youngest, a student, is 21.

Yuan had married one of the women, identified as “Jingjing,” in 2012, but they divorced two years later.

Another girlfriend had a son with Yuan, while others had given him money – sometimes large sums – every month. One woman provided financial support for nine years.

The girlfriends said Yuan told them he was rich, but often borrowed money from them using various excuses. The women told that they lent Yuan more than 500,000 yuan between them.

They had provided details to the police, who said they would try to get their money back.

The girlfriends said there were other women in relationships with Yuan, but did not want to step forward.

Before making his dash from hospital, Yuan sat up in bed and hugged his girlfriends one after another, telling them: “Don’t blame me. You are all [my] wives,” reported.

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