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Now you see it, now you don’t….CULTURAL SHIFTS WITH RIGHT AND WRONG.

Change is continual and ranges from minor to major to overwhelming. What apparently is now occurring in North America will soon, probably, be overwhelming. I have seen first hand the adoption of changed definitions of Right and Wrong. USA cultural … Continue reading

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Georgia (USA) fires employee for church sermons

By Todd Starnes ·Published April 20, 2016 · Courtesy First Liberty Bi-vocational pastors be warned – what you say from the pulpit on Sunday could get you fired from your public sector job on Monday. Dr. Eric Walsh, a … Continue reading

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Blogging can be more dangerous than expected

Mauritanian blogger’s death sentence upheld 3 hours ago From the section Africa Mohamed Cheikh Ould Mohamed M’khaitirImage copyright Mohamed Cheikh Ould Mohamed M’khaitir Image caption M’khaitir says the article was misinterpreted and he did not mean to cause offence An … Continue reading

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We think Washington is unbalanced? Today Brazil is much worse. Brazil’s Dilma Rousseff accuses deputy of coup plot 46 minutes ago From the section Latin America & Caribbean Media captionBrazil political crisis: Why Dilma Rousseff faces impeachment calls President Dilma Rousseff of Brazil has denounced a “coup” plot against … Continue reading

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Coffee guerrillas fighting for the perfect cup

How are the growing number of coffee guerrillas in West Java fighting their battle? by Asmara Wreksono The war between coffee shop giants in Indonesia’s big cities has been going on since the beginning of the millennium. But how … Continue reading

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Prohibition Enacted for the Entire State – No April Fool Joke India’s Bihar state bans alcohol 7 hours ago BBC From the section India Nitish KumarImage copyright Prashant Ravi Image caption The ban was one of Chief Minister Nitish Kumar’s … Continue reading

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